In what may be the strongest showing of outrage and hostility by students this decade, hundreds of students in several New Mexico high schools protested Common Core testing by simply walking off of school grounds.

The test in question, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers test, otherwise known as PARCC, is a common core test that is spread across twelve states as well as the District of Columbia.

Other states such as Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New York have had students and parents choose not to take the Common Core tests by opting out of the testing.

You know that a law has a pretty shaky foundation when high school students, a group of people who aren’t known for their discerning views towards politics, are outraged and refuse to submit.

Those in the government who are in charge of overseeing education should look at this situation and take lots of notes. Students say that Common Core testing is not only a waste of their time, but it also adds a lot of stress to their busy schedules.

The stress argument is likely a hard sell for the wonks in Washington, D.C., who are busy comparing the United States’ test scores to those around the world and shaking their heads.

But maybe Common Core isn’t the solution that this country needs. Maybe it’s actually part of the larger problem.

With teachers and students pushing for achievement levels on these standardized tests, is there still time left in their school schedules for actual learning, comprehension, and understanding? It’s comprehension that lasts beyond the day of a test, and that’s something that teachers, parents, and now students are beginning to understand more and more.

For the United States to rise up and compete with other countries in a global, educated workforce, it’s time we stop wasting time. We need to spend less money and resources on Common Core initiatives, and focus on actually helping students want to be in school learning, rather than forcing the students to protest their lack of learning.



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