Texas Sheriffs have had it.They are getting pretty ticked off with having their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to protecting their citizens. Sheriff AJ Louderback, of Jackson County, Texas told Laura Ingraham, renowned radio talk show host, this past Thursday of the Priority Enforcement Program, known as PEP;

“Imagine a government program where only this select class of criminal aliens, those are folks that are in this country illegally, and then commit crimes against persons or property in the United States. As Texas sheriffs, we are being forced under PEP … the real horror of it, is that it excludes tens of thousands of criminal aliens, folks who have committed crimes. They are no longer going to be picked up by ICE. So we are letting them out of our county jails across the nation.”

In short, law enforcement is forced to return illegal aliens to our streets to wander freely. This includes criminals, not unlike those which Trump identified, to be sure.

Ingraham suggested a 48-hour hold be placed on these aliens, but because of this new PEP protocol, this is not going to happen. The sheriff concurred with that last part-they will not be held, but released, and not to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Basically, released to the rest of us to deal with.

Ingraham also pointed out that there are 176,000 illegal aliens running around the country who are known criminals. Unfortunately, there are 14 exclusions for holding these aliens, among which, is if their criminal conviction was long ago, they must be released. The alien who has family here, has a job here, or is the subject of humanitarian issues (pregnancy, sick relative, etc), must also be cut loose.

Since when was the last time that a criminal was released from some sort of jail sentencing, prison term, home confinement, or probation because of any of these types of exceptions? The answer is never.

We are treating illegal aliens, some of whom are dangerous criminals, with kid-gloves, and walking all over the health, welfare, and rights of the American people.

This is disgusting, and it must be stopped.

Photo & Source: Breitbart

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