Boxers or briefs?

Most of us probably remember that silly commercial a handful of years back. Surely, we have all been able to answer that question when it comes to taking in the sight of a young man walking around with his pants hanging down around his hips. This has been a trend for far too long. The longer it lasts, the lower the pants seem to go.

Where and when did this trend get started anyway? Gangster rappers was probably your first thought. Well, it turns out it started in our prison system. In male prisons to be exact. The sagging of one’s pants, thereby exposing the rear-end nether region, was a mating call to other inmates of the same sexual orientation. A homosexual trend born of incarceration.  You have to wonder how awesome all the gangster rappers feel about their stylish choice now. They’ve been advertising interests they didn’t even know they had!

One town in Louisiana, and others across the nation, have decided the fad has worn out is welcome and needs to end. In fact, the Jefferson Davis Parish (LA) banned it via a new law. Breaking that law will garner you a $50-100 dollar fine, per offense. The reason for the ban came about due to a rise in complaints from courthouse security guards who had issue, “with people not being respectfully dressed in the courtroom area.”

The rule was intended to apply to courthouse grounds and other government facilities, but parishioners overwhelmingly supported getting rid of the ridiculous display of tastelessness community-wide. It is now, “Illegal for anyone to show their undergarments in public to limit indecent and lewd behavior.”

Seeing as how this trend is more prone to the black community, civil rights activist are already in on the action. Apparently, asking a black man to pull up his pants when in public is racist. So what are these activists trying to insinuate? That black men are indecent and lewd in general. Their argument is double-edged sword and stupid at its core. Bravo to Jefferson Davis Parish. Let’s hope this movement takes root everywhere.

Photo Credit:WikiCommons

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