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Listening to Democrats vilifying Fox News, one can’t help but go back in time, to those dark moments within our history, when dictators and despots intimidated the press, when totalitarian governments and régimes would come in the dark of night to destroy or dismantle those tools needed to spread the word, and in some instances journalists paid with their lives.

And although we haven’t as yet gone to that extreme, this new decree by the FEC to punish Fox News sends a chilling message to all who believe in a free and open press.

There’s no doubt the Fox News is a thorn in the side of this administration, and the progressive establishment in general, and that Obama would like nothing better than to strip the news organization of its credentials.

This latest attempt to stop the conservative media giant is reminiscent of Obama’s attempt in using the IRS, to stop and target conservative groups from uniting, at a pivotal time within the political process.

At issue was Fox News' sponsorship of a Republican presidential debate, in particular the Aug. 6, 2015 presidential debate, in which 10-candidates were featured, however because the debate schedules and the standing of each candidate were running close, Fox decided to host another debate, which included additional 7-candidates.


And that’s the point, in that Democrat’s on the Federal Election Commission used an obscure law to charge the network of some infraction, furthermore like all tyrants afraid to openly face those they accuse they voted in secret.

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