People in America are scared of guns. That's a fact and it's a worrisome one. This country was built around the right and the freedom to protect yourself and that's a right that more and more people are associating with terrorism and extremism.

Take for instance, the recent news that three "heavily armed people" were arrested trying to use the Holland Tunnel to enter New York City. The news had a heyday and everyone started trying to report that terrorists were trying to stage a bombing in New York City.

The truth of the matter is quite different.

The "heavily armed people" were actually John Cramsey, Dean Smith, and Kimberly Arendt, three friends who were answering a plea for help by a young woman who is being held against her will.

Cramsey owns a gun store in Pennsylvania named "Higher Ground Tactical" and police found multiple weapons and a lot of ammunition (2,000 rounds) inside Cramsey's truck.

But the real reason that police pulled over the truck was because of the decorations. Cramsey has the name of his store on the side of his truck in bold letters. He also has phrases like "indoor shooting range," "We The People," and other patriotic slogans.

Terrorists? I don't think so. Police eventually released the three after pulling them over for a "cracked windshield." It's a sure bet that they were stopped because of their patriotic truck.

As far as the girl they were heading to help goes, from Facebook messages it appears that Cramsey was contacted on Facebook by someone who knew of a girl who had become deeply enmeshed in New York's drug culture and now wanted to leave but couldn't. Cramsey and his team were en route to help extract the young girl before police pulled them over.

Police are now assisting in the evacuation.

h/t: NY Post

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