If you’re like most of us, then you perhaps sneaked a peek at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, and like most conservatives you might have been keenly aware once again of the political overtone dedicated to this narcissistic exhibition of  self-admiring leftists, once again attacking middle-American values and their pick  of President-elect Donald Trump.

Moreover you might have been particularly struck my actress Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech and her harsh criticism of our next Commander-in-Chief.

Which of course drew praise from the Hollywood elites and the mainstream media for her “passionate speech.” And perhaps that’s where the disconnect truly lies, in that a multimillionaire celebrity playing a phony role in her “safe-space” of Hollywood, and surrounded by her adoring peers is considered “brave” for speaking out within the comfort of her bubble, while a young girl named Lamiya Haji Bashar in a remote corner of the world is brutally disfigured by Islamic thugs.

This of course hardly gets any press, simply because it doesn’t comport neatly into Streep’s narrative of our acceptance of “foreigners.”

Imagine for a moment if these self-aggrandized progressive misfits would have used their valuable air time to publicly acknowledge and bring attention to the chaos and mayhem within the Middle East, and of those brave defiant young girls like Bashar, who are standing up and refusing to be used and abused even at the cost of being mutilated and disfigured.

This heartbreaking tale isn’t unique in the brutal world of Islamic culture, especially by ruthless ISIS Jihads standards; Bashar was kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery in Iraq.

However Bashar would not conform and attempted to escape, and was disfigured in the process.

Moreover when the ISLAMIC COURT JUDGE attempting to impose Sharia Law on the young 18-year old woman she again rebelled against her captors, and again attempted to escape.

In all Basher attempted to escape her captors 4-times, however on her 5th attempt she was successful, revealing in an interview that the Islamic judge told her captors:  “He said that either they must kill me or cut off my foot to stop me escaping.”

“I told him that if you cut off one foot then I will escape with the other. I told the judge I would never give up. So they replied they would keep on torturing me if I tried to escape.”

No doubt the narrative in “la la land” and especially at those self-anointed celebrity award shows doesn’t quite fit progressive orthodoxy, and their idea of “bravery.”

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Source: Sun

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