The battle between security and freedom is about to get stepped up a notch following a food poisoning scare in Detroit, Michigan and several surrounding cities. It's sickening to see people take advantage of freedoms that we enjoy and use them to try and wreak havoc and mass panic among our country.

Over the last two weeks, a man has reportedly been using a spray bottle containing a toxic mixture of mouse poison, water, and hand cleaner to contaminate the food at grocery stores all across the southeastern half of Michigan's lower peninsula.

Video footage shows that the white man entered stores and walked purposefully to his targets.

What's even worse about this story is that the man freely admitted to spreading the poison in at least three stores and the FBI has warnings out about the food in 13 others.

At risk are the open-food bars that many grocer stores have where people can purchase food by weight and take it home to eat it later. Michigan health officials recommend however, that anyone who purchased salad bar items or hot food or open-food bar items from the named stores throw it away and closely monitor their health. The three stores that were contaminated include a Whole Foods, a Plum Market, and a Meijer store, all located in Ann Arbor. The other stores are located in Ann Arbor as well as Saline, Midland, and Birch Run. For the full list of stores potentially affected see the article link below.

This is one of the first times that a major poisoning scandal has come to the media's attention. While it's great that the FBI eventually found the suspected poisoner, this incident also means that stores in the future are going to have to be much more careful about the food they leave out and open to the public.

The freedom we enjoyed previously to walk into a grocery store and grab an order of potato wedges could be at stake. Now that might not sound like much, but every little freedom counts.

Let's hope this doesn't go any further and wraps up quickly.

h/t: Detroit Free Press

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