Less than a week after the deadly attack on an Orlando nightclub by a radical Islamic terrorist, Arkansas authorities are assisting the FBI in hunting down a Muslim couple suspected of plotting a terror attack after making a series of threats deemed credible and concerning.

The couple, Daphne and Alan Crawford, were arrested in separate incidents and yet – unbelievably – released on less than $15,000 bond after being charged with  “terroristic threatening.”

The offense, which can be a felony, is defined in state statutes as threatening to cause physical injury or property damage to another person with the purpose of terrorizing that person.

The affidavit cited in the arrest warrant related a statement Mr. Crawford made in complaining about the service at a local restaurant, saying that, “Only a Christian would treat them like that.”

His wife told the waitress as they left, “People like you are the reason we kill.”

After that incident, the Crawfords took to social media with posts displaying weapons and threatening violence, including specifically targeting a woman commenter.

Ms. Crawford told the woman that Alan, who she claimed is a former Navy SEAL, “would show up with an AK-47” and posted a photograph of Mr. Crawford dressed in Muslim attire with kneeling with a weapon described as an assault rifle.

Crawford was also wanted for threatening to kill a woman at a car lot, while brandishing a firearm.

After issuing the arrest warrants, the couple was arrested, “with the assistance of state and local partners as part of an ongoing federal investigation,” according to authorities.

Although weapons and ammunition were found in their vehicle, Daphne was released on $3,500 bond, while Alan posted a $15,000 bond in what some are calling a bow to political correctness.

The couple claims to be Muslim, but are not Arab or Middle Eastern in appearance.

As of this writing, they have now abandoned the vehicle and fled, becoming the subject of the current “manhunt” by local and state authorities along with the FBI.


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