Before the tragic airport shooting in Fort Lauderdale, the shooter raised more than just a little suspicion and should have never been allowed to have his gun that he carried out the shooting with. He even went and told the FBI that he might do something "terroristic" but they did nothing.

Only two months before Esteban Santiago open fired in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, hitting 13 people and killing 5 of those, he more or less confessed to planning an attack in the future. The FBI took the gun that he had on him at the time but gave it back only a month later.

A month after that, Santiago boarded a plane in Anchorage, bound for Ft. Lauderdale and checked only one bag, the one carrying the gun that he would use to carry out the brutal attack in the airport.

It is very troublesome that there were this many red flags surrounding Santiago and his intentions and he was still allowed to not only have a gun, but check that gun on a plane.

The FBI, the gate agents, and all of airport security allowed this individual to board the plane with nothing but a gun.

When Santiago walked into the FBI building in Anchorage in November he confessed to Alaskan authorities that he was feeling delusional and having "terroristic thoughts." He even stated that he felt that he was being influenced by ISIS.

"During our initial investigation we found no ties to terrorism," explained the agent heading the FBI's Anchorage office, Marlin Ritzman. "He broke no laws when he came into our office making comments about mind control."

The Sun-Sentinel reports:

The 26-year-old Santiago, a Iraqi war veteran and an Anchorage resident, was agitated and incoherent when he visited the FBI office Nov. 7. He had a loaded magazine on him but left his gun and infant son in a car, Ritzman said. Santiago told agents he did not wish to harm anyone.

After Santiago spoke to the FBI they called Anchorage police, who too him to a mental health facility. The police confiscated his weapon and "logged it into evidence for safekeeping."

The FBI stopped looking into the matter after looking into any previous interactions with law enforcement and checking over government databases. "He was a walk-in complaint," explained Ritzman. "This is something that happens at FBI offices around the country every day."

This is a terrifying reality to face, especially when we consider how many other Santiagos there are around the country just waiting to strike. We know that the FBI and other law enforcement were aware of the perpetrators of some of the worst attacks that we've seen such as Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, and the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook.

The Russian government also warned about the two Boston bombers Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother over a year and a half before they carried out their attack. It seems that the FBI is slacking off heavily, both against foreign threats and domestic. After all, it was the FBI under James Comey's leadership that said that no charges should be brought on Hillary Clinton.

It's disturbing to think that women like Hillary Clinton can walk free after her track record, and even more horrifying to think that the FBI can know about multiple maniacs in our country who are seen as threats and still do nothing to protect us from them. We'll see if Trump has a plan to address this issue and help fix the FBI system once he's in office.

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Source: Sun-Sentinel


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