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What we witnessed yesterday was a deeply troubled man in conflict and at odds with himself, attempting to explain and then justify two irreconcilable issues, which simply revealed his own shortcomings, and added to the bizarre sequence of events, which ended Tuesday morning when FBI director James Comey announced that there would be no criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton.

The announcement came only a week after Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and a few days after Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI, and Comy’s announcement the same day President Obama began campaigning with the former Secretary of State, quite a coincidence indeed!

Moreover Comey himself seems to have become another hapless victim in this continued web of deceit, by his bizarre and conflicted announcement of wrongdoing, however without any legal accountability.

He painstakingly demonstrated point by point Hillary’s numerous deceptions about her emails, and referencing in detail each criminal infraction, perhaps attempting to define himself for the last time as an honorable law enforcement agent, and what he was about to do, betray his own principles and that of the FBI, for political expediency.

1. FALSE: Hillary Clinton never sent any classified information, or emails containing information marked “classified.”

2. FALSE: Hillary Clinton turned over all work-related emails to the State Department.

3. FALSE: Hillary Clinton was allowed to use a private e-mail server.

4. FALSE: Hillary Clinton’s server was not hacked by foreign adversaries.

5. FALSE: Hillary Clinton had only used a single mobile device for email.

6. FALSE: Hillary Clinton’s lawyers had read every single one of her emails before deleting the “personal” ones

Source: Breitbart


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