The Democrats are convinced that America and the world are the safest they've ever been. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called out Republican nominee Donald Trump recently, touting the economic and political stability of the United States and saying that Trump's words were simply fear mongering.

Yet the FBI Director, James Comey, seems to agree with Trump.

In a recent speech at Fordham University, Comey spoke about the problem of ISIS and what he sees as the threat of radical Islamism moving forward.

Comey, speaking in direct opposition to Clinton, though his remarks were pure policy thoughts and not partisan speech, intimated that ISIS would soon spread out of Syria across the world.

"At some point, there is going to be a terrorist diaspora out of Syria like we’ve never seen before," Comey told his audience.

And for any pundits who claim that the U.S. is already experienced at fighting terrorist groups and cells because of our experience with al Qaeda, Comey had some choice words as well.

"This is 10 times that or more. This is an order of magnitude greater than anything we’ve seen before."

How's that again, Director? ISIS is more dangerous than anything the United States has faced before?

While Clinton and the Democratic party are sticking their heads in the sand like a flock of ostriches, Trump appears to be the only one who will actually call the shots how he sees them. Muslims and radical terrorism will emanate from the Middle East, the FBI director said. Maybe it's not such a crazy idea to take better accounting of who enters the country after all?

Comey ended by saying that the FBI is currently tracking over 1,000 cases of home-grown radical Islamism, another problem that puts a damper on the spirit of freedom and peace that Clinton is preaching.

Unfortunately, preaching about peace and happiness doesn't make the bad guys go away. That takes action. And it seems more than past time for action.

h/t: Washington Times

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