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There’s little doubt for those of us who have followed the career’s of the scandal plagued Clinton’s, that the fix was in, and even those distracted Americans who seldom follow the bizarre world of politics, are suddenly paying attention.

No doubt to the dismay of both the Clinton’s and in particular to FBI Director James Comey who ended his convoluted bombshell new conference announcing that no charges would be brought against Hillary Clinton, and then immediately left the podium refusing to answer questions from reporters.

However Congress isn’t the media, and Republicans along with a majority of critical thinking Americans what answers, as to how Comey came to his convoluted decision of not to indict Clinton, after presenting a compelling and detailed fact based narrative, that by all reasoned accounts should have concluded in an indictment.

On Tuesday House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he would be seeking answers from the FBI Director, stating;

“Comey should give us all the publicly available information to see how and why they reached these conclusions … Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the Oversight Committee, is going to be calling up James Comey to ask questions. He didn’t answer any questions with the press. And our judiciary committee has sent a number of questions. There are a lot of unanswered questions here.”

The firestorm created by the obvious set of circumstances, beginning with Bill Clinton’s (secret) meeting with Attorney General Lynch, and ending with Comey’s announcement on the same day that President Obama began campaigning with Hillary, raises more questions of a prearranged “fix” and will no doubt be a topic of conversation.


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