FBI Director James Comey testified what many have known for some time. The FBI is looking into Russia's involvement in tampering with the Presidential election and if the Trump campaign played any part in it.

House intel committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D) accused the Trump campaign of colluding with the Russians.

This is where Rep. Trey Gowdy stepped in to clarify and refute Schiff's baseless claim.


FBI Director Comey has said there is no evidence to support allegations that Obama wiretapped Trump tower.

Gowdy was quick to point out that in itself doesn't answer the question in full.

Gowdy said “I would go ahead and tell you just assume that unless I am dead wrong, there is no evidence to support President Obama wiretapping President Trump,” Gowdy continued. “But the analysis does not end there.”

“You have the dissemination — the felonious dissemination of classified information that will jeopardize 320 million Americans, and I would love it if our friends in the mainstream media would focus on the leak as much as they did the wiretap tweet” said Gowdy.

Gowdy’s point was whether or not there were specific wiretaps ordered by Obama on Trump Tower before the election or other surveillance that picked up Trump or aides (two different questions, the first being the only question answered by Comey), that the dissemination of leaks was meant to harm and was illegal.

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