Nine-hundred ISIS investigations across all 50 states, 82 ISIS arrests in less than two years, 23 Jihad camps in a dozen different states…ISIS is here people.

As we’ve seen in the news, it doesn’t take more than one or a handful to wage horror upon hundreds.

Given what we’ve seen roll out of Washington with respect to disregarding this element in our country, and calling things like the terrorist attack in Paris a “setback”, and lying about Benghazi, we would be fools to think for a nano-second that Obama and his goon-squad Administration have any intention of protecting us.

Well, it turns out, neither does the FBI’s counter terrorism expert, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. We should not be standing around, twiddling our thumbs, and investing our hopes into thinking that Obama will do anything to protect the American people. Rather Dr. Gorka says,

“Don’t wait for Uncle Sam to protect you,”

“Every American has a duty and responsibility to be aware of the threat and be prepared to protect themselves.”

Why? Because the Jihad is on its way, it is,

“…real, the jihad is global, and they want to bring it to the shores of America,” says Dr. Gorka.

He’s right, and self-preservation comes in the form of the Second Amendment. Notice that in the countries where we have seen such attacks, the victims were overwhelmingly un-armed, because they live in strict gun-control law countries.

Here, in America, we have this thing called the Second Amendment—a mandate by the Founding Fathers that with this right comes the responsibility and duty to protect ourselves.

When and if the Jihad comes, will you be among the ready?

Watch the video below:

Source: BPR

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