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It has been rumored for years that the Islamic group CAIR, which masquerades itself as a civic and civil rights advocacy group for Muslims, in actuality is a front group and supporter of terrorist organizations, and since it founding in 1994 this organization has claimed to be a buffer and advocate for American Muslims, promoting Islam as a positive force within the American/Muslim communities.

However there’s a dark side to this organization, which was listed in the Holy Land Foundation Trial, as a unindited co-conspirator that helped send money and support to terrorist organization, Hamas.

After the organization was implicated in a scheme to assist terrorists, one would think that the organization would try to do anything it could to distance itself from terrorist actions and organizations. However, just days after the San Bernardino shooting that left 14 people dead and 22 more injured, CAIR announced that it would provide legal services for the terrorists’ families.

Try as it might, CAIR cannot shake its reputation of being sympathetic to radicalized Muslims. Even more so after former FBI official John Guandolo revealed information indicating the Obama administration was refusing to prosecute the Islamic activist organization.

Guandolo explains that CAIR was created by the U.S. branch of Hamas known as the “Palestine Committee.” He says; “CAIR is Hamas!”

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