While the mainstream media was focused on the frank and unapologetic comments of presidential candidate Donald Trump and the tragic murder of Kate Steinle by a criminal illegal alien. Another tragedy was all but forgotten and swept under the political rug, until “The Donald” highlighted yet another senseless murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr. gunned down in 2008 by an illegal immigrant who had just been released from jail the day before.

The dad, Jamiel Shaw recalls seeing his 17-year-old son, Jamiel Jr., lying dead in the street where he used to play, gunned down execution-style by one of the “invisible people.”

Appearing on "Fox and Friends Weekend" Mr. Shaw spoke of the pain of losing a son and his frustration with President Obama’s non immigration policies.

"Everyone’s not for illegal immigration," Shaw said. "So if he’s gonna force it down our throats with executive orders, the least he can do is make sure no one is murdered by illegal aliens."

He continued; "He should ask himself, he should soul-search himself and say what would he do if someone murdered his child…what would he expect from politicians, from the government, if his child was murdered? And then maybe he would get more of an understanding."

What is apparent since the brutal and senseless murder of Kathryn Steinle who was gunned down on July 2 in San Francisco, a proclaimed “sanctuary city”, is that this incident has finally awakened America to the countless murders, and violent crimes being committed by illegal “criminal” aliens all across America.

Mr. Shaw who has spent the last 7-years fighting so-called “sanctuary cities” and those progressive policies that took his son’s life, where police refuse to enforce the law, and where federal authorities themselves ignore immigration laws.

In truth the deaths of countless American citizen’s while committed by illegal “criminal” aliens, lies at the foot of this president, and all those legislators both within the congress and within local municipalities, who have turned a “blinds eye” and in so doing have betrayed their oath of office, and the people they serve.




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