Watching the hearings on Benghazi, it’s easy to lose sight of the personal anguish by those who’ve lost the most that night, the families of those that gave their lives, and perhaps the one story that liberals are purposely ignoring and attempting to push under the rug are the victim’s families.

And perhaps it’s not by happenstance that aside from just a few networks, the majority of the mainstream media have collectively ignored those families, and one can’t help but wonder if the administration has a hand in the apparent media blackout.

However the father of Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, who lost his life in the attack, has come forward to give America a glimpse into his grief and perhaps some insight on how he feels after all these years and wonders why no one has been held accountable for the murder of his son and the other brave Americans who gave up their lives.

Appearing in some distress, and with some verbal difficulty in speaking Mr. Doherty began the brief interview talking about how much he missed his son saying;  It’s sad, it’s sad I miss him a lot.”

He continued saying that no security was provided, suggesting that politics played a big hand in that decision, suggesting that not providing security was no big deal to those in the White House, then saying “it’s a big deal to me, my son I loved him.”

And then gave his opinion of Hillary Clinton saying; “she’s a scumbag.”

Source: American News


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