It can be hard to understand religious beliefs of other people around the world, but the beliefs of an Asian father who let his daughter drown on a Dubai beach rather than be rescued by strangers are almost impossible to justify.

According to reports from Lt. Col Ahmed Burqibah, one of the search and rescue officers involved in the incident, the Asian family was at the beach for a picnic and fun in the water when the 20-year-old daughter began to struggle in the waves.

When lifeguards on the beach noticed the woman's struggles, they rushed to the water to rescue her. Unfortunately, the drowning woman's father had other plans.

Citing religious beliefs that if strange men touched his daughter it would "dishonor her," the Asian man who Lt. Col Burqibah describes as "tall and strong" fought off the efforts of the two lifeguards not allowing them to enter the water and help his drowning daughter. By the time that the two lifeguards freed themselves from the father and went to rescue the woman, she was already drowned.

According to Lt. Col Burqibah the father explicitly stated that he would rather have his daughter dead than to have her dishonored by being touched by strange men.

Burqibah describes the situation as "One of the incidents which I cannot forget."

Thankfully, soon after the incident the Asian man was taken into police custody for questioning and was later prosecuted for his role in the death of his daughter.

Without knowing the religious reasons for the father's vehement belief that if lifeguards touched his daughter she would be "dishonored," it can be hard to make an accurate judgement of the situation. Religious beliefs are strong and deserved to be upheld, but never to the detriment of health or safety of others, especially in a life-or-death situation.

h/t: Metro

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