This no doubt is the epitome of “street justice” or to quote scripture, “an eye for an eye”…and whichever you prefer the end result is the same.

A father in India reportedly took justice into his own hands, by actually chopping of the hands of an alleged teenage rapist, who sexually assaulted his baby daughter.

The 17-year-old was accused of molesting the seven-month-old baby in 2014 after the child's mother allegedly caught the teen in the act.

Just after the teen's court hearing on April 19, the girl’s father, Parminder Singh, 25, claimed he was going to forgive him and accept an out of court settlement, and even offered to take the teen home after the verdict.

However forgiveness of such a brutal sexual act, no matter how well intended isn’t something that comes easy, especially if you’re a loving and caring father, and Singh extracted his revenge by chopping off both hands of the rapist.

Singh then fled the scene, leaving the teen abandoned near a canal in agony.One villager said of the incident; "Locals alerted police we rushed to the spot and picked up his hands, and took him to the hospital," Swapan Sharma, a senior police officer, told AFP by telephone. "There is nothing below the wrists now."

If there’s anything positive from this tragic story, it’s perhaps knowing that in time this rapist teen will no doubt be fitted for a pair of prosthetic's, rather than losing another part of his anatomy which frankly should have been chopped off.

h/t: Fox

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