Another massive snowstorm just engulfed Milwaukee recently, leaving blankets of snow covering the ground for miles. One Wisconsin father was driving down one of these snow covered roads, when his two sons feverishly insisted that he pull over. Baffled by the boys' urgency, the father stopped and the boys hopped out of the car. What they did next is going viral and is giving America hope for the future of our nation's youth.

Mad World News has more:

In a post on social media, the Wisconsin father, Daniel Medina, said he was passing through a residential area with his 10-year-old and 6-year-old boys in the back seat. Out of the blue, they shouted for him to stop the car.

Medina has a few shovels in his car, presumably since the snow comes down in sheets this time of year and you risk getting your car stuck even if only left for a short time. His sons grabbed these tools and got to work on a sidewalk when Medina noticed what was near a big snowbank.

As a matter of instinct, when the brothers saw a man shoveling his sidewalk alone, they got out to help him finish the job since he faced certain challenges in accomplishing it on his own. Despite being in a wheelchair, the stranger was trying to clear the walkway near his house without asking for help, when it suddenly arrived when Medina and his sons pulled up.


The kids didn’t stop until the job was done, and their father stopped in awe of his son who wanted to do this without being asked. He snapped a photo of the touching scene that showed the brothers plowing the walk by hand next to the man in a wheelchair who was doing the same, but no longer had to face the mountain of snow alone.

The picture doesn’t just show a thoughtful act of service for a disabled stranger, it shows two boys who were raised right and a man in a wheelchair who doesn’t use his handicap as an excuse for anything. All three set examples that many in society could learn from, namely, caring for other people and working hard no matter what. Medina called himself a proud dad, but he should also be proud of himself for being an excellent father to his sons, who are a benefit to society because of him.

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Source: Mad World News

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