The life of a young father with a 4-year old daughter was brutally snuffed out yesterday, not by a gun or a knife, but by a corrupt ideology of intolerance and hate, that justifies lawlessness and discord, and which renders these protesting fools numb, and void of sensation, except for their own perverse view of the world, and in so doing a young child is now “fatherless”!

One must ask what manner of people are these that would purposely prevent and block an ambulance from getting to a hospital in time to save the life of an individual, when every second can mean the difference between life and death.

Imagine for a moment the agony that child is suffering of never again seeing her dad, never again being kissed “goodnight”, and never again hearing his voice, all because of what?

A paramedic who was in the ambulance posted the following to social media:


No doubt these marauding misfits have “blood on their hands” and perhaps just as sickening is the fact this has little to do with the presidential election, in that most of these adult morons didn’t even bother to “vote”!

Moreover this isn’t the first time that lives have been put in danger by these progressive misfits, in fact Anti-Trump protesters have blocked areas in Chicago outside the UIC Arena, blocking ambulances attempting to transport patents.

However perhaps just as tragic as this young father dying is the paramedic attempting to get to the hospital and finding himself in a “life and death struggle” driving around for over 45-minutes and watching the life of his patent slowly seeping away.

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