Every day we entrust our health and even our very lives to the people who work behind the counters of fast food restaurants who have the responsibility of preparing our food and assembling our orders hygienically and safely.

We count on them to be free of any substance that would harm us and in most cases, our trust is not misplaced, but that would not seem to be the case if you are wearing the uniform of a law enforcement officer in today’s anti-cop atmosphere.

In fact, after broken glass was found in a sandwich served to a police officer in Columbus, Ohio, on duty law enforcement officers are taking a chance on being the victim of what very nearly constitutes a hate crime.

So when an officer realized he was impaired while driving after ordering a lemonade at a drive-thru Subway in Layton, Utah, a review of the videotape from the in-store surveillance system and testing of the beverage led to the arrest of an employee who will now be heading to jail.

Police arrested 18-year-old Tanis Lloyd Ukena, charging him with deliberately adding a foreign, poisonous substance to the lemonade ordered by the uniformed officer.

Ukena may have thought “spiking” the officer’s drink was an amusing prank, but the act is a felony because of the serious, possibly lethal consequences of giving an individual a substance without their knowledge or consent, which may interact with medications the person is taking or trigger an allergic reaction.

Chemical analysis of the lemonade revealed both methamphetamine and the “high-inducing” chemical, THC, found in marijuana.

The Layton Police Department report indicated that the officer only had “several sips” of the lemonade before putting it aside because it “tasted funny.”

He almost immediately began feeling the effect of the combination of drugs and had difficulty driving back to the station where fellow officers say he was clearly impaired, and took him to the hospital.

Subway, of course, fired Ukena and released a statement saying it was “shocked by these charges.”

Other restaurants and fast food drive-thru chains will no doubt be initiating training sessions to warn employees of the severe consequences of actions such as these against law enforcement officers.

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