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It would seem that Minister Farrakhan, much like the biblical Moses, has a direct line to God, in his assertion, that last weeks historical snow storm is a punishment from God for being a racist nation.

However the Honorable Minister unlike Moses didn't need to travel to Sinai or camp at the foot of Mount Sinai, or spend 40-days and 40-nights, speaking with God, the good minister apparently received inside information (perhaps on a tweet), on a world in crisis, saying in a recent interview: “America you are reaping now what you have sown. You can’t fight the natural disasters that are coming. Way back in the ‘60s, Elijah Muhammad said, “America would suffer from unusual rain, unusual snow, and earthquakes unusual.” Then the forces of nature, hail, sleet, snow, cold, fire. Now, look at America”.


However within all of this gloom and doom, there was no mention of who is actually responsible (aside from the honorable minister himself) of the racial division currently griping America.

Can you guess?


Farrakhan is correct, in that America is indeed in decline, however not by snow storms, locus, or any other natural forces, America is in decline because of corrupt and incompetent leadership, who have willfully turned this nation away from God and those principles etched upon our monuments, and written within our Constitution, in pursuit of a false and destructive secular ideology, known as “Progressivism.”

Source: Final Call


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