Well, we have officially come to the ultimate impasse. Islam versus Catholicism. A battle royale of religious fervor not seen since the crusades. Only, the dueling religious figure heads will not be wielding swords, but words. It was an American Islamic minister that got on the stump to throw down first. The Blaze reports that Louis Farrakhan, presumably in a bid to remain relevant, took to YouTube to issue a “fiery” speech. In his YouTube speech he issued a challenge to Pope Francis, and all “lovers of Christ”, to a “showdown”.

The Nation of Islam leader called them out for allegedly misrepresenting Jesus Christ. He quoted a former leader's, Elijah Muhammad, controversial words from a Pittsburgh Courier article dated December 14, 1957. In the racially charged article, Muhammad blamed the “white race” for warmongering and suggested that God was not too happy with all of them.

“According to the history of the white race, they are guilty of making trouble, causing war among the people and themselves ever since they have been on our planet earth,” Farrakhan read. “So, the God of the righteous has found them disagreeable to live with in peace and has decided to remove them from the face of the earth. God does not have to tell us that they are disagreeable to live with in peace; we already know, for we are the victims of these troublemakers. Allah will fight this war for the sake of his people [the black people], and especially for the American so-called Negros.”

Farrakhan exclaimed that “peace” can only come from a “superior power”. It was at this segment that he called for the showdown. He said that the pope and Christians can “call the Jesus they know”, and he will call the “Jesus he knows”, to see who really knows Jesus.

Louis Farrakhan then invoked the “1,500 wheels” as a defense of why he was more simpatico with the son the God.

“Yes, there’s 1,500 of these wheels. I believe in Jesus. I believe him to be the Christ and we have all over the world a right to love Jesus, but it’s better to love him with knowledge than to love him in the way that he is being represented.”

According to The Blaze, Farrakhan explained in a 2011 speech that the “1,500 wheels” was a part of the “Mother wheel”. Which is a small “human built planet” that is half-a-mile by half-a-mile in size. Each of them, carry “three bombs”. He explained that Jesus controlled this object of objects, and all “failed prophets and hypocrites”(presumably referencing the pope and Christians”, will face bombs and fire that will come down from the Mother wheel. As Farrakhan sees it, he will phone his Jesus to make this happen, and the pope and “all lovers of Christ” can phone too. The showdown will be to see which phone call, and which Jesus, answers.

It is interesting to note that Islam in general tends to differ with Catholics and Christians in its view of Jesus Christ, and apparently with the Nation of Islam's brand of Islam. The Qur’an itself would suggest that he is not the son of God, or God incarnate like Catholics and Christians believe.


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