Having a Secret Service agent going rouge, is no doubt the biggest nightmare scenario imaginable, for those entrusted with protecting our Commander-in-Chief, and more likely than not if you’re a traditionalist, over 40, or a Trump supporter you perhaps view Agent Kerry O'Grady “resignation letter” (and that’s what it was), with a sense of outrage that she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump, however “thankful” she’ll never again have that opportunity.

In actuality we should be grateful that O’Grady stepped  forward  voluntarily taking herself out of the game, in that if the unthinkable should ever occur, we should have no reservations that those protecting the president, would indeed “take a bullet!”

Agent O’Grady is a feminist and a Clinton supporter and apparently has some deep-seeded emotional issues concerning President Trump’s course reference on a video recording about “grab them by the p***y” comment he made in private.

Obviously if anything this election made crystal clear that America is in the midst of a cultural divide, from those on the extreme progressive left, and those traditional Americans in Middle America who came out in record numbers to vote in this “Populist President.”


Moreover after the letter was made public, Agent O'Grady was removed from her post; however it was also reveled that she was an outspoken critic of President Trump during his bitter campaign against Hillary Clinton, which actually speaks to perhaps another issue involving Secret Service agents getting politically involved within a political campaign, and if Agent O’Grady actually broke any federal laws?

What is especially troubling is that O’Grady who’s a special agent in charge of the Denver distract actually posted publicly on several social media websites criticizing the president during the campaign season stating that if elected he would be a “disaster” for the country, particularly for women and minorities…why she wasn’t immediately removed after those post is certainly a question that should be investigated.

O'Grady has made numerous anti-Trump statements online:


However the issue of a Secret Service agent not “taking a bullet” or a uniformed police officer being ambushed by activist thugs, or a leftist legendary celebrity making a video and threatening to punch the Commander-in-Chief in the face, or a loony celebrity feminist announcing “she’d like to blow-up the White House” is actually indicative  of where America is, as a society, and more importantly how do we correct it?

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Source: Daily Mail

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