Newlywed Jennifer Trapuzzano became newly widowed when her husband, Nathan, was murdered by a 16-year-old gunman during an attempted robbery in Indianapolis when he was out for his morning walk.

The young widow was pregnant at the time, just a few weeks short of her due date, and suddenly faced the birth of their child without her husband. She is now raising a fatherless daughter on her own.

Compounding her pain was the possibility that the criminal justice system would allow her husband’s killer to serve a short sentence before being released on house arrest.

The shooter, Simeon Adams, was charged as an adult with murder, robbery and carrying a license without a license, but a proposed plea deal based on his age would have put the killer back on the streets after half his sentence was served.

Instead, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced that Adams confessed to the murder and was sentenced to 55 years in prison. The other charges were dropped and the teenage killer can be released after 25 with good behavior.

“I really feel that this quit being about Nathan when he breathed his last breath,” the victim’s mother, Cheryl, said. “But we were all in agreement that this was our best option. At least this way, he will spend his sentence in prison, not on house arrest.”

Curry added that the sentence was within the range of what the confessed killer could have expected if convicted in a trial. “This was important for the entire community that has grieved with Nathan’s family over their loss in this tragic and senseless crime.”

Adams’s troubles are far from over, however, as he faces an attempted murder charge in an unrelated case that occurred just days before Nathan Trapuzzano’s murder. If convicted, the teenager, now just 17-years-old, could face another lengthy sentence that could be served after the completion of his sentence for Nathan’s murder.



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