The phrase “fake news” is the current hot button buzzword as the Democrats attempt to shift the blame for Hillary Clinton’s surprise defeat in last month’s General Election, although most people are confused as to its definition.

Fake news” consists of disinformation, misleading even hoaxes that are purposely generated and broadcast through the media to further an agenda or shape an image of a political opponent.

In short – the mainstream media.

No less than Hillary Clinton spoke in serious and solemn tones about what she calls “the epidemic of fake news,” having “real world consequences,” even going so far as to declare that “lives are danger.”

Those consequences? Her defeat at the hands of the brash billionaire who dared to challenge her long-held assumption that she would be the nation’s first female president.

So, in order to undermine Trump’s presidency, even before he takes the oath of office, Clinton and the Democrats have added the phrase to their bag of excuses, along with sexism and misogyny – Madonna chastised “women-hating women,” hacked voting machines – Jill Stein has vowed to appeal court orders halting her recount efforts in three states, FBI Director James Comey, challenger Bernie Sanders, and even a “whitelash,” against Barack Obama.

It’s not entirely unexpected that liberals would know so much about “fake news,” since they almost invented it.

Hillary herself is a master of it – from her assertion that she was named in honor of the man who first conquered Mt. Everest (the event took place six years after she was born), that all of her parents came to America as immigrants from Europe (three were born in the United States) to more recent whoppers like, “I landed under sniper fire,” “it was a video,” “I only used one device,” and “I never sent nor received any classified…”

Of course, her former boss, Barack Obama manufactured some “news” of his own, but for media sources of “fake news,” the undisputed champ would have to be the cable network MSNBC that acts as a PR arm of the Democratic National Committee.

The latest in a long string of deliberate untruths passed off as “news reporting” by the channel that gave us Brian “There were bodies floating past my hotel room in New Orleans” Williams came courtesy of host Stephanie Ruhle who announced on air that Fox News held its annual Christmas party at the new Trump International Hotel Washington.

Whether Ruhle knew she was fabricating the story or actually believed it, a simple call to Fox would have revealed the truth – that not only had the party not yet been held, but that it will be at the Liaison Hotel, which has no connection with Trump or his family’s business.

To her credit, Ruhle called the false report “serious business” and took time to apologize in a later segment on the same day, admitting, “I was wrong… I stand corrected… I apologize for the error. I am truly, truly sorry. The mistake entirely my fault. And of course, I wish all my friends over at Fox a very happy holiday no matter where you have your party.”

It was nice of her to do, the classy thing to do, but just another example of MSNBC seizing any opportunity – even creating one where none existed – to write the news as it wishes it was, rather than report it as it is.

Brian “My plane took enemy fire!” Williams, who was relieved of his position as managing editor and anchor of MSNBC’s nightly show for “misrepresenting” events, but parent company, NBC, was forced to apologize for deliberately editing the 911 phone call tape to paint George Zimmerman as a racist.

Ironically, when Wikileaks released emails sent by Clinton’s long-time aide and then-campaign chair, John Podesta, in the month before the election, she claimed they were “doctored” and should be ignored, and MSNBC took that lie and ran with it, aggressively putting it forward even by the channel’s intelligence analyst who tweeted what he called an “Official Warning” and then called the emails, “obvious forgeries & #blackpropaganda not even professionally done.”

The problem with “fake news” is that the message was retweeted by more than 4,000 people and exponentially thereafter, with more than 40,000 “likes” on Facebook.

Clinton is right, although not for the reasons she hopes people will believe.

She is right that it is dangerous, but wrong about who wields that dangerous weapon.

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