An elderly man who was walking during the daytime in Dallas, Texas, was brutally assaulted near a high school. On waking up, the man reported that his dog who had been along with him on the walk, lead him home.

The man, 79-year-old James Barfield, was walking Franky, his Scottish terrier when two men assaulted him. The two men stole his watch, his wallet, and his keys, likely looking for a way to pay for their next shot of dope.

Barfield says that his dog stayed with him until he was awake and helped to lead him home where he called the police. Authorities are still searching for suspects in the assault, which is most alarming because it took place during the day and near a school.

Upon inspection by a veterinarian, Barfield's Scottish terrier also underwent trauma during the assault. The veterinarians said that Franky has bruised tissue from what appears to have been a vicious kick from one of Barfield's attackers.

Barfield's daughter, interviewed after learning that her aging father had been attacked, said that the attackers would only have received $20 for their troubles in attacking him. "We could have been planning a funeral," she said, in describing the sad story of men attacking her father who carried little cash.

Luckily for Barfield, he had the companionship of a faithful pooch to stand by him and help him make it home. Though suffering from bruises on his face and from several broken bones in his face as well, Barfield is on the road to recovery.

With the assailants in this story still at large, it's important that the main issue at stake here be addressed. How have we let America degrade into such a state that our elderly citizens can't walk along during the day without the fear of being robbed?

We need to crack down on crime and drugs in this country and make it a safe place again for our parents and grandparents.

h/t: Fox4 News

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