It was a gala night and First Lady Barbara Bush was there in attendance to receive the “Audrey Hepburn’ Award, for her decades of working in behalf of needy children  around the world, and also in attendance at the annual UNICEF Society Ball to honor and perform for the first lady was Faith Hill.

Who has established herself as one of the music industry's top vocalists, with a voice that is as powerful as it is recognizable, and we’re glad that Hill was willing to risk perhaps a  backlash to perform at an event honoring a Bush family member.

However there are those rare moments that transcend politics, and hopefully this was one of those moments.

Mrs. Bush took to the podium, and with her usual deadpan wit and reminded the relatively young audience that she actually knew Audrey Hepburn, committing “she was a lovely lady”, which drew laughter from the audience.

She continued for a few moments and then reminded everyone she was 90-years old, and once again with that remarkable wit, committed, “I’m going home.”

Barbara Bush made everyone realize if only for one night regardless if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, a progressive or a conservative, that  children around the world are in need and need our help, she’s a remarkable woman, even at the tender age of 90.

Hill risked serious backlash from liberal media and hollywood who are quick to attack.

Source: Chron



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