The issue for most law-abiding Americans is quite simple. In that an owner has an obligation to protect his customers, especially within an area that by it’s very nature can instantly become a “killing zone”, and it's within that context that gun range owner Chad Neal has officially banned Muslims from his property.

Neal who owns the Save Yourself Survival Tactical Gun Range in Oktaha, Oklahoma, has instituted the policy because the Koran specifically speaks of violence towards those that do not adhere to the teachings of Islam, and also the world-wide terrorist attacks by radical Islamic extremists.

Obviously the “Muslim free’ zone has angered both individual Muslims and also the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has brought a lawsuit claiming of course discrimination.

According to CAIR, a Muslim named Fatihah was required to fill out a standard liability form with his personal information before using the gun range, as do all customers.

The group says that not long after Fatihah identified himself as Muslim that the owners “armed themselves with handguns and asked if he was at the gun range to ‘commit an act of violence or as part of the jihad.'”

The gun range is not backing down as shown by this message they put out on social media:


The American Freedom Law Center volunteered a legal defense, and noted the discrimination here wasn’t based on religious beliefs. Instead, it was because the plaintiff Raja’ee Fatihah had become belligerent.

The shooting range’s attorney added: “A gun supply owner or fire range owner can refuse to serve someone who they may believe is a fire safety risk.

They owe it to the community."

Source: KJRH



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