Two armed robbers tried to mess with Texas, and Texas messed with them right back.

Houston restaurant owners Koy Sam and his wife were closing business for the day when a pair of thugs walked in and forced the couple onto the floor at gunpoint. One of the perps held the Sams at bay while the other made a beeline for the cash register.

Little did these knuckleheads realize that an unidentified customer was watching the whole spectacle unfold. He drew his concealed pistol and fired, sending one of the robbers fleeing for his life. The gallant customer detained the other creep until police arrived.

This latest criminal fiasco was brought to you courtesy of the Texas concealed carry law. The law - a wonderful expression of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution - permits any legally authorized adult in Texas to carry a concealed handgun.

It would be safe to say that the concealed carry law saved the Sams' lives. But don't expect this happy ending to deter gun-haters or the government's war against private ownership of firearms. Guns in the hands of citizens are bad, period. Even when they prevent violent crime or bring swift justice to violent criminals.


Just take a look at these statistics and judge for yourself. In July 2014, the Crime Prevention Research Center reported an estimated 11.1 million people in the U.S. had obtained concealed carry permits. This represents approximately 4.8 percent of the total population. In fact, the number is probably higher since many states allow concealed carry without permits, such as Montana, so these numbers aren't recorded.

From 2007 to 2013, the nation's murder rate was reported to have fallen from 56 per 100,000 to 44 - a 22 percent drop in homicides. During this same period of time the percentage of adults with concealed carry permits skyrocketed 130 percent.

Think there's a correlation?

In Texas, where the men are big and the women are boss, 708,048 adults held concealed carry permits as of December 2013. That's roughly 3.65 percent of 26.5 million Texans.

Expect even more law abiding people in the Lone Star State to sign up for concealed carry as the government steps up the pressure on firearms ownership. It's a natural reaction to creeping tyranny, and Texans aren't the kind of people you want to mess with if you're a domestic tyrant.

Texans make their own rules. And in Texas the only thing you have to say when a violent criminal gets shot is, "nice grouping."

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