When will people realize that terrorism is one of the most evil and pernicious things to ever happen in the history of the world? It doesn't matter what you believe or what you think someone else believes, killing innocent bystanders who have no idea why you're attacking or threatening them is pure evil.

That's why it's so ridiculous that a Florida man who attempted to rob a bank under the guise of being an ISIS terrorist thought he could get away with the attempted robbery.

Aaron Brown walked into a BB&T branch in Naples, Florida, and asked for $100,000. Brown said that he was a terrorist with ISIS and that if he wasn't given the money immediately he would blow up the bank.

But Brown lived up to the title of "Florida man" and couldn't pull off the heist. He escaped the bank in his car and was later picked up by police having absconded with literally zero money.

Of course, because Brown threatened that he was a terrorist with ISIS, the FBI became involved in the investigation and things are getting even more serious for Brown.

Meanwhile, at the bank business paused for a few hours to collect evidence and make sure things were clear, but the BB&T was back up and running later that same evening.

It's absurd to think that someone from ISIS would openly admit his affiliation, try to rob a bank, and then try to just walk away. Doesn't Brown know anything about the way that law enforcement works in the 21st century?

But even more disturbing than this man's confidence is the ease with which he proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS. If common criminals are now stating that they're part of ISIS, it won't be long until someone from ISIS realizes that they can reach out to these people and cause havoc and mayhem.

We need to shut this down now.

h/t: NBC

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