Six percent of 111,250 is a whopping 6,675. That is the total number of illegal immigrant un-accompanied minors that Phillip Miller (Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Assistant Director of Field Operations) estimated ordered deported home to their countries of origin. During the Senate Homeland Security (term used lightly) and Governmental Affairs Committee, Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) took issue with the numbers and offered up the counter that 94% are not returned. He asked, what is the incentive, for families that point their children north, and say go? A high likelihood that they will get to stay.

Where do they go? Words like “estimated” should give one pause as it indicates that the federal government and ICE don’t have a clue as to who, how many, and where these children are. This is like some social services debacle that makes the news a few too many times a year whereby a child falls through the cracks and gets lost-in-the-system, sometimes turning up dead.

In answer to the whereabouts question, they go into the arms of the DHS’ s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). There, they get cared for and fostered out to await legal immigration procedures. So, if you were in a toilet bowl less-than-third-world-country and desperate to make a better life for your child, what are the odds that you would take this approach? You probably don’t need to put a helluva lot of thought into the answer (sending them on their way unaccompanied is another matter).

To make it even better, of that “estimated” number of ordered deportations, 87% were ordered in absentia, and half were closed via means of relief, so they get to stay. Sadly, when viewed through a more humane lens, you gotta wonder how many did not make it over the border. Shame on their home countries for providing such a crappy place to live, and shame of their parents who would rather risk killing their children by sending them on a solo cross-country trek death-march in the hopes they might make it to the US.

Most importantly, shame on our country, fearlessly led by the most incompetent President ever, for encouraging and mandating this behavior.

h/t: CNS

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