With last week's Supreme Court ruling dictating that same-sex marriage is legal across the United States, supporters took to social media to celebrate the ruling. While many social sharing sites used the hashtag "#lovewins" to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision, social media giant Facebook created a tool that let users "rainbow-fy" their profile pictures to show support for the ruling.


According to some sources over 26 million Facebook users utilized the photo filtering effect and changed their profile pictures to display their faces with a rainbow-colored hue.

While most saw the move as an effort from Facebook to remain politically correct and current, one MIT network scientist, Cesar Hidalo, commented that the rainbow filter was likely a move by Facebook to study how it could influence people to take certain actions--essentially manipulating people using mob mentality and mass mind control.

Facebook immediately denied any such reasons for implementing the rainbow filter, but that hasn't stopped suspicions and rumors from flowing freely. And not without reason.

In 2012, Facebook knowingly manipulated its users newsfeeds to display posts which represented negative or positive emotions higher up on other users feeds, essentially trying to see if it could manipulate emotion by what users saw on Facebook. News of the manipulation only came out last year and many users saw it as a breach of trust with the social media giant.

Facebook, however, has also dabbled in the same-sex marriage topic and made it a subject of study for its social researchers. Researchers at Facebook recently published a study that analyzed the likelihood of users to share the red and pink equals sign that dominated social media in years past and represented marriage equality.

If Facebook was so interested then, what would have changed to make them uninterested in seeing which people changed their Facebook profile pictures to its rainbow colored ones? Food for thought.

h/t: Daily Mail


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