If the progressive agenda is to “dumb down” Americans with respect to the knowledge of their rights, the sad news is it is succeeding.

While we celebrate the 4th of July with hot dogs and fireworks, few understand that the nation would not have been formed at all had the Framers – men like James Madison and Alexander Hamilton – fought to include the rights we take for granted, like the right to a trial and the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, in our Constitution.

While anyone who watches television can recite the “Miranda” warning right to an attorney, less than 40 percent are able to identify any of the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center has released the findings of its annual survey with disappointing results.

The Center provides non-partisan education and information about the First Amendment to the public, scholars, educators, government policy makers, legal experts and students.

The result of the survey shows a disappointing number of Americans – only 54 percent – know that their right to free speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment.

Even fewer, just 17 percent knew that religious freedom is included within their First Amendment rights.

And at a time when law enforcement officers are assassinated while protecting the right of Black Lives Matter protesters, it is especially disturbing to learn that only 12 percent of Americans knew that their ability to assemble for that protest is part of the birthright of every American.

Nearly half of Americans aged 18 through 35 believe the amendment should be changed to allow censorship of “statements that are offensive to minority groups,” and although that is hardly surprising in this era of excruciating political correctness and campus safe spaces, it would probably shock the generations of men and women who died protecting that amendment – and the 26 others, that make America unique among nations in guaranteeing our rights under law.

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