Apologists of Islam, people who stand up for the religion's focus on peace and goodwill, have a strong argument. A high percentage of the religion's followers are peaceful and concerned with doing good.

However, the arguments against Islam and its radical component are piling up. It seems that more and more instances of brutal killings by radicalized Muslims are reported by the media and it's becoming harder and harder to believe that such a violent religion can make any claim to peace.

This fact was evidenced recently in Bangladesh, a country that is trying to escape the stigma of being overrun with radical Muslims.

In Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, a book publisher who had published the works of an American-Bangladeshi writer was hacked to death by Muslim extremists. Though the facts are slim, it appears that the extremists entered two publishing houses in Dhaka and hacked to death Faisal Arefin Deepan and seriously wounded two other publishers.

An Islamic militant cell said that the killings were instituted because Deepan made "derogatory remarks" about Islam." The American-Bangladeshi who first angered the group was also hacked to death along with his wife in Dhaka.

Bangladesh has had a string of violent crimes committed against foreigners and others that Islamic radicals view as offenders against Islam.

It is amazing, then, that Muslim apologists still feel that the religion has strong ground to stand on when speaking against the animosity and hatred that many feel for the religion. If Islam is to be well-respected, Muslims need to stop killing people in the name of their religion. It's that simple.

For the arguments out there that highlight the small percentage of Muslims that do the killings--that's besides the point. Death is death and the continued and frequent killings and deaths in the name of Muhammad and Islam show that the religion is off its track of peace and harmony.

Islam has become a religion of fear and death throughout the world.

h/t: Washington Post

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