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It seems if you’re the progressive media and you don’t like the content of an interview, you simply cut, chop and dice what you don’t like, and leave it on the cutting-room floor, and “bingo” you have your own concoction of an interview, pretty much like creating your own “salad” at one of those salad-bars and leaving out ingredients that may give you heartburn.

Moreover doing the chopping, cutting and dicing was none-other then that revered leftist leaning news show “Meet the Press” with obnoxious host Chuck Todd, interviewing Trump strategist Kellyanne Conway.

The interview began professionally enough with Todd aggressively asking Conway about the alleged findings by US intelligence agencies about its purported “hacking” into the DNC and John Podesta emails.

However when Todd wasn’t able to elicit the response he wanted from Conway, he became agitated, and of course as progressives usually do (if they don’t get their way), began losing control.

Conway as always remained extremely cool under fire and wouldn’t allow Todd to amble to far from the actual facts, which apparently was extremely irritating to Todd, who began to visibly become disoriented, a trait that many progressive talking heads encounter once they begin interviewing Conway, who apparently brings out their nasty side, that “Meet the Press” along with Todd decided to cut almost 9-minutes from the segment before it was aired on Sunday, which prompted President-elect Trump to remind one and all just how “dishonest” the press actually is.

Moreover Todd is more than just a disgruntled liberal host on an NBC news show, interviewing a conservative strategist, in that Conway was a vital part of Trump’s success, and Todd had a vested and financial interest in seeing that Hillary Clinton became the next Commander-in-Chief, in that both he and his wife were involved within the Democratic Party.

Despite NBC editing the interview the full version can be seen here:

In 2012, Todd and his wife contributed $2,500 to then Sen. Tim Kain’s campaign; however Todd never felt the need to disclose that fact to his audience when he interviewed Kaine on 3-separate occasions for NBC…such is the way of progressives.

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