Liberals and progressives, including Socialist Bernie Sanders always love to play with numbers, which of course depending on the survey and how it’s conducted can be almost anything you desire it to be, within the final outcome.

An excellent example of how the Fed’s “cook the books” and perhaps the easiest to understand is the overall “job rate” which politicians on both sides of the aisle love to play with, but in actuality is nothing more than another worthless talking point, in that the current “official” employment rate of 5%, is BOGUS, when one actually looks at the full scope of the job market, in that only 60% of the labor force are actually employed, leaving 40% unaccounted for…they have in essence simply “vanished!”

Same holds true for the “poverty rate” that Socialist Sanders often claims that America has the highest child-poverty rate of any advanced democracy in the world. He uses this fact to justify his call for a European-style social-welfare state. But what if it’s simply not true?

In actuality the measures they used were “relative”; they considered a family to be poor if it earned less than half of its own country’s median income. The simplicity of this approach makes it appealing, but also highly misleading.

As the National Review explains:

The simplicity of this approach makes it appealing, but also highly misleading. That’s because it’s more a measure of income inequality than of poverty. To see why it’s so misleading, we analyzed how relative poverty rates compare with absolute poverty rates for each of the American states. For relative poverty, we calculated the proportion of people living in households that earn less than half of their own state’s median income. For absolute poverty, we looked at the percentage of all people in a state living in households below the federal poverty line.


Sanders prides himself a populist, however in truth Sanders is a committed Socialist who believes in the redistribution of wealth, and has actuality advocated confiscating about 90% of those he deems “wealthy” and therefore should provide a disproportion of their earnings to the state, and his claim that America has the highest child-poverty rate, is in keeping with his overall vision that the state will provide.

Source: National Review



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