Liberals are always very quick to deflect and distract by claiming racism whenever any Republican makes any argument against them that they cannot handle. They will always just play the race card and label their Republican counterpart as a racist or xenophobic bigot.

This makes it very awkward then since after the Democratic National Committee was hacked and then later leaked to the public by infamous hacker group Wikileaks they are going to be really back-pedaling next time they try to accuse the Republicans of racism.

The Sean Hannity Show reported that there are a number of various documents found in the DNC document dump that, in which Democratic officials used derogatory terms when referring to various ethnic and religious minorities. Some language used by Democrats would have put the mainstream media's spotlight directly on any Republican that would even think of using them.

In one correspondence by a man named Zachary Allen at TIPAH Consulting sent to DNC Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer that discussed the necessary arrangements for a DNC LGBT event to be held by a black woman named LaQueenia Gibson had this offensive bit.

Comer sent "(J)ust kill me now," over to Allen and he responded in kind with this bit, "LaQueenia is a NAME! I’m sorry, boo. I hope you got a raise with this title."

Another email chain involving DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall showed an attempt to exploit Bernie Sanders Jewish heritage and suspected atheism in order to gain a leg up against the socialist independent Vermont Senator in states like Kentucky and West Virginia.

Marshall made it seem like his "Southern Baptist peeps" might not want to support an atheist but could potentially support a 'Jew.'

Another separate email referred to the DNC’s outreach to Hispanic and Latino, calling it "Taco Bell Engagement."

These documents show that the Democrats are not only the real racists but also completely two faced. They convince minorities that they are on their side and then they make racist comments about them behind closed doors.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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