America, for all of its order and laws, is still a huge country with a large population and a lot of moving parts. That's what makes a recent discovery in a Missouri forest disturbing, but not surprising.

Authorities in Pulaski County, Missouri responded to a 911 call from a deer hunter who had uncovered a strange looking cache of what appeared to be explosives. The man was navigating a two-track trail in the Mark Twain National Forest when he came upon the stash.

State troopers, a bomb disposal unit from the local Army base Fort Leonard Wood, and sheriff's deputies all responded to the scene.

Thankfully the bomb disposal crew was able to dispose of the explosives with no one getting harmed, though the group was apparently forced to detonate the explosives in the national forest because they were too fragile to be moved.

However, the story is quite disturbing because the police forces involved told reporters that the bombs were not everyday things cobbled together by an amateur, but something "that could not be used for recreational use."

On the one hand it's reassuring to know that we have able-bodied troops and specialists within the heartland of America who are able to quickly respond and take care of a situation as delicate as that of a bomb.

On the other hand, it's worrying to note that, had this deer hunter not gone down that particular trail, the bombs would likely have remained hidden in the national forest and maybe would have even been used in a terror or domestic violence plot.

There is a lot of un-patrolled land in the United States, fields, forests, lakes, and mountain ranges. It's impossible for the government to control and keep tabs on all of that territory.

But with the recent reports of large volumes of cheap phones being bought at various Walmarts in the dead of night, something really seems a miss.

h/t: Fox News St. Louis

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