How many of you think that what happened in Brussels won’t happen here? If you think that our government does even a half-assed job at keeping our nation safe you are gravely mistaken.

Why? Because it already has happened here. San Bernardino, anyone? Fort Hood?

It’s not like our transparent Administration has any interest in advising Americans to be vigilant with a particular group of people. Oh no, they would rather tell us that we are Islamophobes, when it fact we are just not dumb.

Back in June of LAST YEAR three students at George Mason University in Virginia (take a guess at their ethnicity), were found to have bomb-making supplies in their dorm room. Despite the simplicity of their equipment, these were no amateurs.

Virginia appears to be a hot spot for terrorist activity. Virginia was home to an American ISIS fighter captured on the battle field. Two other members of ISIS were captured at an airport, and teen for activity recruiting for ISIS.

Anybody else notice we don’t have their names?

But, boy if it was a white Christian male, you would not be able to forget his name, would you? It would be branded in the media, slapped up on billboards if they could get away with it.

Islamophobia is not the problem. The complicit hatred for America, by our own Administration and his puppet media is the problem. The dereliction in the single Constitutional duty mandated of Obama, and that is to keep our nation safe, is the problem.

Yes, another Paris and Brussels will happen on our shores, and as with almost all of the past terrorist attacks, Obama will conveniently be missing from the world stage. Again.

Source: Mad World News



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