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Emmanuel "Manny" Ned and Paul Moses

Emmanuel "Manny" Ned, the former supervising welfare investigator for the Rensselaer County Department of Social Service Services, has confessed to assisting a former city housing official, Paul Moses, in the concealment of income which would have affected Moses' eligibility to receive public assistance benefits.

Authorities deem that Moses collected over $50,000 in undue public benefits from 2009-2016.

A joint investigation by the District Attorney's office and the New York state Inspector General's Office revealed that Moses had been working as a bartender for over 9 years, never once reporting his income.

Manny was originally charged with a felony account of offering a false instrument for filing, accused of falsifying witness testimony in order to counteract the charges levied against Moses, actively misleading his government agency.

Manny was ordered to pay just a $500 fine after his admission, despite heavy objections of leniency from the District Attorney's office.

So just to recap, the man in charge of overseeing the welfare program not only "missed" that his buddy Paul Moses, who happens to be a tenant representative on the housing board, was working at a bar for 9 entire YEARS, but then purposely forged witness testimonies when authorities began to catch on.

Despite all of this Manny received a fine literally 100-times less than the amount he helped swindle away from taxpayers. Clearly there is a priorities issue in Rensselaer County.

The fact that authorities actually caught this man dead-to-rights, coerced a genuine confession out of him, and yet he still managed to get away speaks to just how little integrity there is in government nowadays.

If it was revealed that you or I had spent the last decade lying our way into a $50,000 tax break the IRS would smash down our front door, and haul us off to live with Wesley Snipes that very afternoon.

On the reverse side, Manny over here has to pay a pay a speeding ticket despite committing bonafide felonies while in office. The bar for our government officials has to be higher than this. Manny Ned confessed to outright criminal behavior while in office, but will somehow be avoiding jail time simply by being a government official.

Hillary, we think we just found your new VP.

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