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Luckily most Americans will never experience the tragedy of war, and it’s for that very reason why we should always be grateful for those few young men and woman who have that special “calling” within them, that special sense of patriotism, that obligation to serve, that we should acknowledge them whenever we can.

This particular warrior former Navy serviceman Dustin Kirby, 32, was shot in the face by an  Iraqi sniper in Karmah, Iraq on Christmas day back in 2006, and although he sustained a massive facial wound that shattered his jaw, he survived.

Moreover he underwent reconstructive surgery this year, hopefully for the last time, to repair his damaged face at New York’s world famous Lenox Hill Hospital in October.


 Although Dustin had gone through more than 30 surgeries, since the sniper attack, he was living in constant  pain for 9-years, the father-of-four acknowledged;  'Sometimes it hurt just to breathe. I had basically given up hope that I would ever stop feeling pain.”.

However Dustin is a warrior who would not give up and traveled from his home in Acworth, Georgia, to New York City to meet with Dr. David Hirsch, the reconstructive director at Lenox Hill Hospital who immediately recognized the problem;


'His jaw wasn't aligned, he had infected hardware and metal holding things together, he lost a lot of salivary gland function and his teeth were decaying,” Hirsch told the newspaper.

And within a few months this warrior was able to smile, speak, open his mouth without pain.

'I'll never forget waking up after surgery, opening my mouth and feeling just amazing. The pain that had become a part of me was gone," he told the Post.


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Source: Daily Mail

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