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It’s always interesting what a little publicity will do, especially when you shine a light on hypocrisy and watch the weasels scatter or, in this case, hide.

The weasel in question and hiding is Duranda Hardy, the head of a Home Owners Association who sent out a letter to a Viet Nam Marine vet demanding that he remove his “Marine stickers” from his vehicle.

However when retired vet Frank Larison recently appeared with his attorney on CNN to be interviewed on the issue, Hardy was nowhere to be found.

The TV host announced that they had done a little investigative reporting, canvassing the complex to see if anyone else received a letter and saw a variety of decals and stickers on other vehicles, one even emblazoned with an “OBAMA 08” bumper sticker – and that’s when things got interesting.

Art Bradford, another member of the HOA, tried to explain away the double standard, although the demand letter sent to Mr. Larison was quite clear in its intent: “A vehicle with painted or decal advertising of any kind is not permitted on the property at any time.”

Bradford did his best to explain why one decal is more of an issue then another, which simply confused the television host, as well as anyone else watching this video clip.

Moreover Mr. Larison was also threatened with a $50 a day fine if he did not comply.

Hopefully this patriotic vet will not be censored for protecting America. He actually deserves a big “thank you” so morons like these can continue being weasels…and isn’t that what America is all about?


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