Ivan Jurcevic…take a look at him. He is 7-feet tall and 285 pounds of awesome. He is a doorman/commando/stuntman. A combination of Croatian pride and humble man. Above all he is a gentleman in the very sense of the word.

A man of honor who will defend a woman’s honor. On New Year’s Eve, in Cologne, Germany, the world knows what transpired. A Muslim festival of gang-rape. Jurcevic happed to be working the door of a local hotel when two terrified young women ran to him for help.

Next came a gang of Muslims with one thing on their mind. That would be the delight they take in the rape of women, little girls and boys, and whatever else, being the freaky “Religion of Pieces” that they are.

“The girls looked like they worked in a bank, they were wearing jeans and coats, nothing provocative, they were really frightened. I told them to stand behind me,” said Jurcevic.

If you were about to be brutally assaulted by a pack of Muslim pigs, would you not give praise for finding a man like Jurcevic to beseech help from?

The rapists (who knows if these girls were first “fun of the night” ) had the nerve to tell 7-feet of human brick wall to step aside. “They told me not to interfere, that the girls were ‘theirs.’”

Being a world champion kick-boxer to boot, Jurcevic was not impressed. Bottle in hand, the “loudest member of the gang” went for Jurcevic. He was met with a boot to chest and sent “flying.” The next was bitch-slapped and sent flying as well.

“The leader drew his finger across his throat and told me he would be back to kill me. I stood my ground and they went on their way.”

Surely Jurcevic is laughing to himself and thinking Bring It.

Source: Mad World News


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