Google has come to so completely dominate search engine technology that it has even become a widely accepted verb, as in: to google, even when used in a generic way referring to searching for information on the web.

It has been listed in two authoritative dictionaries – the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary since 2006.

Now, with the web serving as a seemingly endless resource of archived news articles, comments, editorials, speeches, videos, photographs, graphs and maps, voters “google” candidates for information ranging from birthdate, parents, names of siblings to previous offices, policies, positions, quotes and controversies.

But for voters concerned about the health of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton – whether out of political or genuine concern – will have a hard time finding out anything about it if they use Google.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has urged people to “go online and put down Hillary Clinton's illness [and] take a look at the videos for yourself,” but New York Times columnist Farhad Manjoo called on Google to “fix its search engine results so it doesn't give quarter to conspiracy theories.”

And it appears they took Manjoo’s advice, as reports, including screen shots of search results, show that the left-leaning powers that control the search engine are making it hard to search using the term, “Hillary Clinton health.”

Instead of retrieving articles relating to Clinton’s history of fainting and falls, including one that resulted in a concussion in 2012 with the complication of double-vision that required special glasses, a broken arm, her general health including hypothyroidism and coagulation disorder, and medications, a Google search returns, “Hillary Clinton headquarters” or “Hillary Clinton health law vote.”

Google is burying searches about the candidate’s health with unrelated auto-suggestions completed unrelated to the her health, although other search engines like Yahoo or Bing return responsive suggestions.

Clinton herself has fueled speculation and rumors about her health by adopting a relaxed schedule, frequently taking time off from the grueling campaign trail and disappearing from the public.

She often appears tired, seems to search for words in the middle of speeches, and has had prolonged coughing fits while speaking. She was noticeably late returning to the stage from a break during a televised Democrat debate.

Both Clinton and her Republican opponent, billionaire businessman Donald Trump, are more than 20 years older than Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and, of course, John F. Kennedy when they were elected, raising concerns about their ability to handle the stress of the most difficult job in the world.

A recently released email from her longtime aide, Huma Abedin, to other staffers warned that Clinton “is often confused.”

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