How many of you out there can turn on the waterworks at the drop of hat? Did you see our Crier-in-Chief as he laid his new gun grab? Somehow it only seems fitting for a man who wears mom-jeans. What an embarrassment.

No tears for the families of dead soldiers. No consoling the victims of the terrorist attacks at Ft. Hood, Boston, San Bernardino. Scratch that last one. Those folks got a potty-stop fly-by on his way to Hawaii for Christmas.

Obama is welcoming in thousands of Syrian refugees, un-vetted, un-checked no matter which way he parses it. He is slowly but surely transforming the fabric of America via incremental disarmament and eradication of our Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, in secret, just like he has in the past, he is releasing Al Qaeda terrorists from Guantanamo Bay. Another 17 are slated to be returned to the battlefield, courtesy of the Administration’s Fellowship of the Jihad.

One of the spawns of hell, according to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, was Ibrahim al Qosi, Usama Bin Laden’s cook. He was released to transfer back from whence he came and was being integrated back into society, when he fled to Yemen.

Not only that, but he was part of the Paris, France Charlie Hebdo terrorist slaughter a few months back.  Should our President be held accountable for that?

This is how we fight a war to combat the JV team. We circumvent Congress (the eunuchs), illegally, to begin to disarm America, welcome in potential terrorists, release those we have back to the battlefield, and cry on-stage like some sort of freak-show.

Can you see the handwriting on the wall with respect to GITMO? He will continue to release the Jihadis back to the battlefield and slowly empty the prison.

That way he can put forth that keeping the facility operation, when so many cells are empty, is an un-necessary cost to tax-payers.

He promised he would close the facility and he will. He promised to enact tougher gun control, and he is. He promised to change the fabric of our nation and he has.

He is proving to be one of the most powerful, yet passive-aggressive despots in history.

Source: Mad World News


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