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It’s become almost universally acknowledged even within the most liberal establishments that Hillary is a pathological liar, which once again prompted Judge Jeanine Pirro to exclaim: "Every time she opens her mouth, she lies. I don't think she even knows the difference between the truth and a lie."

The comment was made on Fox’s “Hannity” show where Pirro once again predicted that the FBI would not recommend a criminal referral to the Justice Department, because Secretary Clinton corresponded with President Obama on her rogue email server, which clearly indicated that it was not a ".gov" server.

Mrs. Clinton chose to conduct all official State Department business on her personal server hidden in the basement of her home with an email address ending with ""

Pirro pointed out numerous inconsistencies within the changing narrative surrounding Hillary’s email, and her claims as Secretary of State that she was allowed to use private emails for sensitive government business, contrary to law.

Pirro continued her verbal assault: "This woman is just a liar," noting that there are lingering questions not just about her emails, but also about the Benghazi terror attack and the finances behind the Clinton Foundation.

Pirro reasons that the delay in actually bringing forth a FBI criminal referral might have been because Obama was obviously aware of Clinton’s private email, making him a possible witness.

Source: Fox


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