A German woman's story is coming to light after her landlord gave her an eviction notice and told her that she had eight months to move out of her apartment so that the space could be given to refugees from the Middle East.

That woman, Bettina Halbey, has lived in her apartment for 16 years and raised both of her children in the apartment. She said that her landlord informed her by letter that her building was being transitioned into housing for migrants, and that she had to be out by May.

Germany and other European countries are undergoing a rapid shift in migration policy, as hundreds of thousands of migrants enter the continent, mostly headed for Germany. Germany has opened its doors to migrants and allocated a huge amount of funds towards housing and integrating these refugees, but it appears that housing is still scarce.

Halbey's story, so far, is an outlier, but her story shares the fears that many have of refugees taking advantage of Germany's hospitality and hurting the quality of life for other citizens.

Germany's charity is well-intentioned, but it is also putting the country in a tight spot. Not wanting to appear hardened towards the incoming refugees, the country is taking moves to force landlords to turn empty apartments into refugee shelters and also do the same with empty commercial properties.

However, Germany is rapidly realizing that it has overextended itself by opening the floodgates to incoming refugees. Emergency shelters are full but forcing landlords to accept tenants at rates which are more than likely to be lower than the rent those landlords could normally charge is treading murky water.

Luckily, Halbey's story has gained international attention. A spokesperson for the German Tenants' Federation said that the move by her landlord to evict her in place of refugees was likely illegal and she will probably stay.

However, Germany's open-door approach to migration is destined to bring many other unintended consequences to its citizens. It's a sobering lesson for the rest of the world to pay attention.

h/t: Telegraph

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