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With the images of carnage still fresh in the minds of Parsians, and in the aftermath of last weeks terrorist bloodbath in Brussels, comes yet another convoluted and suicidal attempt by delusional and inept politicians in ignoring the facts, by creating a sick rational for the chaos taking place and in their attempt to convince Europeans that the murders, rapes and civil unrest created by the Muslim invasion in which they’re responsible for across the continent is actually a “good thing.”

The European Commission states on its website that aging "is one of the greatest social and economic challenges of the 21st century for European societies. It will affect all EU countries and most policy areas."

In its latest aging report, for instance, the commission forecast that Germany's population will shrink from 81.3 million in 2013 to 70.8 million in 2060—meaning that the Europe's largest economy could do well to accept migrants of working age. Indeed, the country's vice-chancellor said this week that Germany could take in 500,000 migrants each year "for several years."

The proposal has prompted divisions between European governments and the public alike, however.

On Friday, the Czech Republic's finance minister told CNBC that he wanted to see the Schengen area in Europe—comprised of 26 countries which have abolished border checks—to be closed in order to stem the flow of asylum seekers.

No doubt immigration is a vital component to any industrial society; America is a prime example of it success as a nation due to the “immigration explosion” that began in late 18,000 and continues today.

America was indeed built by hard-working and industrial immigrants, many with experienced skill-sets…and that’s the rub.

In that the Muslim hoards invading Europe today bring few if any skill sets, most are functionally illiterate and see Europe simply as a means to extract whatever social and welfare benefits that host nation can provide.

Aside from the obvious physical dangers that continually exist with radical extremism and with a cult that for countless centuries refuses to assimilate and which promotes subjection as a viable alternative, is a cult that requires constant vigilance and surveillance.

Source: CNBC


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